LUMI Holiday 25 Count Multi Color LED Christmas String Light Set for Indoor and Outdoor use - C7 Light Bulbs with Candelabra E12 Base on Green Wire Cord

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- Energy?saving and eco?friendly (reduce your power consumption by more than 90% compared with conventional incandescent bulbs)
- Lenses made of weather?resistant, break?resistant durable plastic; no glass parts
- LED lights produce little heat and are cooler to the touch
- Since LEDs are solid?state chips, they do not have delicate filaments that break
- Plug directly into household power (120V); no additional hardware needed
- UL listed and CSA approved for indoor and outdoor use
- 1 year limited factory warranty
- Average life hours: 30,000
- FWR technology gives these lights brighter colors and flicker-free light compared to conventional lights and lower-performance LEDs
- Bulbs are permanently molded to the socket (1-piece mold construction), making these light strings waterproof, tamper-resistant and resistant to corrosion
- LED lights are safer, as they product little heat and are cool to the touch
- Low maintenance, long-lasting light strings require less man-hours to repair or replace