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The Adjustable Window Stop for Added Child Safety & Home Security.The Window Wedge® is an Adjustable Window Stop that is installed on the inside of Double Hung, Single Hung or Sliding Horizontal windows.The Window Wedge was designed for added Child Safety and Home Security.The Window Wedge installs easily. No Tools Required.Quality Hook & Loop (Velcro® brand) material attaches the Window Wedge to the inside window frame. The Window Wedge was designed and tested to act as an Adjustable Window Stop for double hung, single hung, and horizontal sliding windows. The Window Wedge is made of durable, impact resistant, ABS Plastic and has a tapered groove on the bottom that holds a strip of (Velcro® Brand) hook material that mates with an 8 inch strip of (Velcro® Brand) peel and stick loop material. The loop material easily attaches to the window frame (See Directions) without the use of tools. The Window Wedge is then placed over the loop strip and pressed down at the desired window opening location.NOTE: For Child Safety, maximum window opening should not exceed 4 inches.This product is not a substitute for Adult Supervision. Never leave a child unattended.Being a retired NYPD Detective, I can recall many incidents where I had to respond to cases where a child had fallen from an open window. This drove me to design and produce the Window Wedge as an affordable and effective product that would be a benefit to Child Safety.The design of this product will also be a big deterrent to criminals who make their entrance into homes through unsecured or open windows. Caution: The use of excessive window opening force while the Window Wedge® is in place, may cause damage to the window and/or window components. Always remove the Window Wedge® before opening the window beyond the loop strip location. In case of an emergency, the Window Wedge can quickly be removed from the inside of the window.