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Bulk Pool Party and Beach Party Favors Toys For Kids Pack of 49 Summer Fun Set Includes 12 Rainbow Inflatable Beach Balls, 12 Bubbles, 12 Water Squirt Guns, 12 Shutter Shade Sunglasses and 1 Frisbee

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Have you always wanted an assortment of the best beach toys in bulk for a low price??

Well, we heard you loud and clear! We bring to you an incredible beach toy set that includes all of the bestselling beach toys:: 

✔ 12 Shutter Shade Sunglasses; These sunglasses feature slotted bars across the frames in a variety of colors. No lenses. Youth size. For ages five and above.
✔ 12 Inflatable 12" Rainbow Color Beach Balls; These 12 inches multi-color beach balls are recreational necessities for the beach or poolside. Fun in the sun Beach balls sold deflated.
✔ 12 4.25" Two Tone Squirt Guns; What's more fun than a squirt gun? Delight the kids at your next party with these neon grip squirt gun party favors!
✔ 12 2-ounce Bottles of Bubble Solution; Wands included in each bottle; 
✔ BONUS!! 1 9" Frisbee with #1 in Service Logo & Printed: "Fun is in the Air!"

So, why think twice? 

ORDER NOW and get this incredible Toy Set Delivered to your door steps.