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Large Plastic Cereal/Snack Keeper, Dry Food Storage Holder/Containers,Flip Top Lid for Easy Pouring, Ergonomic Grip for Easy Handling, Great for any Dry Food to Stay Fresh! (Set of 3)

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  • Great set containers made of high quality durable plastic material, tight seal for extra freshness.
  • Large sizes fits any dry food like Cereal, Cookies, Snacks, Pantry items etc. or even Pet food.
  • Re-usable, Stackable, Dishwasher safe, BPA free, these food containers will give your cabinets a neater look.
  • Different sizes Large: 5 Liter (21 Cups), Medium: 2.7 Liter (11 Cups), Small: 1.3 Liter (5.5 Cups).
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