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Meals-to-Go Lunch Box Containers with Lids - BPA Free Plastic–Stackable, Reusable, Microwave Safe - Bento Lunch Box Sets–10 Pack (30 ounce, 2 compartment container with lid)

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Are you tired of using and managing different containers for meal prep,
refrigeration, microwaving, storage of leftovers, and for packing lunches?

Are you looking for a set of containers which are food safe, leak tight,
and look alike to ensure that they do great in your kitchen shelves too?

Well, we bring to you a set of 10 such incredible Lunch Boxes/Containers
which will meet all your expectations and wouldn’t fail to impress you for the many benefits they offer:

Meals-to-Go Lunch Box Containers

? Made up of 100% BPA Free Food Grade Material that’s safe for you and your family
? Sturdy enough to not break or crack easily and retain its shape for life
? Made of Superior Quality Microwave Safe Material - No Warping or Distortion
? Patented Leak Tight Lids - safe to carry in your bag without putting other objects in the bag at risk
? Come in a set of 10 and in a size that’s perfect for packing lunches, meal prep or storing leftovers
? Easy to Store - Contoured Bases & Lids make stacking, storing & carrying meals a breeze
? See through Lids for enhanced presentation & easy identification of stored food
? Can be safely used over wide range of temperatures - Cold to Hot
? Refrigerator Safe - Snap Lid fit maintains food quality even when freezing meals
? Dishwasher Safe - Clean it the way you like it
? Black base ensures no visible stains and non-porous surface retains full flavours and smells


Meals to go lunch box containers are made under high level of quality control at a US facility which ensures
that health safety remains embedded in our production processes and we deliver to you best-in-class products.


ORDER NOW and get the set of these incredible BENTO BOXES!