Metrokane Replacement Worm for Rabbit and Houdini Corkscrews,2 Spirals

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Even though a corkscrew spiral, or worm, is good for up to 1,000 cork removals, it will wear out eventually. This replacement worm fits all Metrokane Rabbit and Houdini corkscrews. Made of high-tensile steel, the worm features mini-bearings in the head and is coated with a triple layer of non-stick finish, which enables it to glide in and out of the cork with ease. The lever-style mechanism of the Metrokane corkscrew pulls the cork from the bottle with equal ease. To install, unscrew the protective cap on the corkscrew, remove the old worm, insert the new one, and screw the cap back on. The next bottle of wine awaits your drinking pleasure. --Ann Bieri