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New England Cheesemaking Supply Calcium Chloride, 2 oz.

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CONTAINS: Calcium Chloride YIELD: Two ounces contains enough Calcium Chloride for 96 gallons of milk One pint contains enough Calcium Chloride for 768 gallons of milk. DIRECTIONS: Using 1/4 teaspoon for each gallon of milk, dilute in 1/4c. water. Bring milk to proper temperature and add before adding your culture. Do not use Calcium Chloride when making Mozzarella. It will keep the curds from stretching. STORAGE: Store in a cool, dark place. Will last indefinitely if stored properly. NOTE: This product is purchased Certified Kosher OU in bulk. The product is then repackaged into smaller quantities without Kosher supervision, thus voiding the Kosher certification.