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PlayTape 2” Tight Curves (2” Tight Curve Road) 8 Pack

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  • THE TIMES THE FUN! – Why waste money on an expensive toy track or roadway? PlayTape’s Road Tape is practical, economical, recyclable, toxin-free, and most importantly fun! It allows you to turn any place into your own bustling freeway or cityscape.
  • MAKE ANY SURFACE A ROADWAY – PlayTape’s Road Series Tape sticks to any flat surface. Whether it’s hardwood, concrete, or carpet, it can become a roadway!
  • EASY TO BUILD ROADWAYS – Because PlayTape is designed to tear straight and easy, it doesn’t require scissors. Simply tear and place. Ideal for children ages 3-8, PlayTape encourages creative play.
  • FOR MULTIPLE ROAD TRIPS – All PlayTape Classic Road Series Tape is reusable. You can lay it down, reposition it, pick it back up, and take it somewhere else. Best of all, it doesn’t leave behind any residue.
  • COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE – Unless you’re a stickler for scale, this versatile tape is good for 1:64 scale toy cars, such as HotWheels® and Matchbox®.