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The Good Home Scentball : Pure Grass

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Scent Name:Pure Grass

Good Home Scentball offers the ease of a plug-in combined with the ability to choose your favorite core scent Pure Grass the Scentball™ is a perfect way to scent a room or an entire home. One Scentball™ 5 pads and 1/4oz fragrance oil Directions: Using the provided pipette, add your favorite essential oil or Good Home fragrance to one of the diffuser pads. Completely saturate the top of the pad and slide onto the ceramic plate of the ball. Plug into outlet making sure the pad is facing up. Each pad can be used about 5 times with the same fragrance oil. Use a new diffuser pad when you change the fragrance. Caution: Keep this product and oils away from children and pets. Do not cover the diffuser when in use. Do not handle with wet hands or store in damp places. Use only with 120V outlets. Unplug when not in use or if the diffuser pad is dry. Do not use without fragrance in the diffuser pad.